About Erik

Writer, Cybersecurity Professional, DJ, Fiddler Crab


Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy

After writing for forty years, and making three different runs at publication, Erik sold his first story – to Analog Science Fiction and Fact, no less.

Encouraged by this welcome, but somewhat unexpected success, Erik is taking this whole ‘typing words out in a specific and pleasing manner’ thing seriously. To that end, he was accepted to and graduated Taos Toolbox 2023.

Erik is an Associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).



Totally Taos Toolbox Twenty Twenty Three

Erik attends Taos Toolbox 2023 hosted by Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress. Walter Jon Freaking Williams!!  Erik continues to write about himself in third person.


Holy Magazine Madness, Batman!

Analog – Science Fiction and Fact purchases my story, Gardens of Titan. A new author is born. It appears in the January / February 2023 issue.



We did indeed party like it’s 1999.



1998 was so long ago – Erik was DJing and working a real job. Still not yet published.


Not published

Reeling from a spate of rejection letters, Erik spends most of his time at goth / industrial clubs, “doing research.”


My First Book

Erik thinks it was Hop on Pop. That is, he read it, he didn’t write it.