10 Books of Amber

10 Books of Amber

I'm still slicing into my story, but I'd like to also to use this blog to talk about books I read. A lot of writers say that you should read a lot in order to be a better writer. Seems logical to me, but I'm not sure a lot of wannabe writers get that. How can you know...

Revisions are the Devil

Last year, I wrote a story for a contest. It received good reviews and nice scores, but didn't win. I later brought the story to Oz Drummond's writing workshop at 2010 ReConStruction in Raleigh, figuring it was the strongest I had. It was also the only thing I had....

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If you're reading this, it's likely that you are a time traveller. Yes, that's correct. Because, as I write this the only person who knows about the blog is me and ... well, me. So hello to the future! I hope the radiation isn't too bad today. In the next couple...


This is the blog of Erik M Johnson. In this blog, I'll be attempting to document my writing exploits and my pursuit of getting published. More to follow.